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One of the many benefits of outsourcing is that you can take advantage of unrivaled experience across all aspects of VAT planning and filing, including:


Guidance on the pros & cons of becoming VAT registered

✔  Preparation of VAT returns

✔  Cash accounting

✔  Partial exemption

✔  Flat rate scheme

✔  VAT investigation


Our experienced consultants provide effective VAT strategy for your business With increasingly complex demands being placed upon businesses of all sizes, VAT is more challenging than ever. VAT is a primary revenue source for the Government, and the penalties for non-compliance are hefty. Many businesses cite VAT as their biggest weakness, but with the onus falling upon businesses to self-regulate, a simple error in calculations can be costly as well as placing you under the spotlight in the future.

With our help, you can reduce risk to your organization by ensuring that your VAT activity meets regulations; we will help you to collect the right amounts for each transaction, keep accurate records and ensure that your make payments and file returns accurately and on time. Don’t put your business at risk; the earlier you receive professional advice, the more likely you are to save money, remain compliant, and boost your business.

providing the full spectrum of services for a risk-free future

strategic planning to meet your needs

providing services across industries, platforms and schemes

We have been using AGP Consulting for our business since we have started almost 10 years ago. They have never failed to provide an excellent service

Charline Thomas

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At AGP Consulting, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and skill in improving efficiency and reducing waste. This applies to our outsourcing services, too; we don’t believe that our clients should pay for services that they don’t necessarily need. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, you can handpick the services that you require and create a VAT, tax and accounting package that will help you to boost business, maintain compliance and plan for your future.

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We know that no two VAT returns are the same. From specialist industries to Second Hand Schemes, it is important that the correct laws are applied to your VAT activity. AGP Consulting’s skilled practitioners are accustomed to processing standard and non-standard schemes.

Quirks in VAT aren’t just industry-specific, they arise with payment platforms, too. With transactions taking place across a plethora of media, including Amazon and PayPal, it can be almost impossible to accurately record transactions for VAT purposes.

Non-standard returns can’t be completed by anyone; they require specialist skills. Our consultants possess those skills necessary to correctly file returns across a range of niche industries and schemes. They can help you to make sense of the myriad data from online sales platforms and keep accurate records to ensure that you maintain compliance and have a clear picture of your position.

Our VAT clients include small organisations, large business and franchises, including Subway. Even when we are dealing with multiple branches, we treat each one individually, tailoring our approach to the branch’s needs rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach. It is this attention to detail, unrivalled experience, and deep knowledge of VAT regulations and requirements that enable our consultants to provide an outstanding service to all clients.

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