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Our accounting services allow you to do what you do best for your finance and accounting department.. We free up your valuable time by taking control of your financial processes and delivering them in a timely manner to give you a peace of mind.

Our Accounting and Business Advisory Services

We know, almost every businesses need an accountant they can trust to partner with them on their journey of success and growth. Whether you’re an entrepreneurial start-up, a small and medium sized business ready to scale, or a large enterprise looking at your future strategic goals. You need a trusted business advisor, reliable partner, and expert financial, who can support and save your precious business time.

Our accounting services are tailored entirely to you and your business, so you can delegate the tasks on the areas where you need support, and where we can add the most value to your business.


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We understand your business and optimise performance with our audit services.
In order to understand your strengths and weaknesses you need to go beyond simply auditing your accounts; you need to be able to understand and analyse them.

Our skilled audit and assurance services will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your business numbers so that you can make strategic decisions to optimise output and profits.

For many businesses
bookkeeping is a chore.

For many businesses, bookkeeping is a chore. Why focus on the numbers when you could be doing what you do best? Yet, finding somebody to keep your books in-house can be a challenge and is often not financially viable. By employing our services, you get the best of both worlds: high-quality bookkeeping from an experienced professional, without the financial commitment of employing somebody.

We know that everyone is different, so do your bookkeeping package. Choose our weekly, monthly, or quarterly computerized bookkeeping services, from a rich and tested accountancy packages to a simple spreadsheet that delivered to meet your needs. Let us take care of your books while you take care of your business.
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Regardless of the size of your business:

You are required to complete and file your accounts on an annual basis. Based on your income, expenditure and profits, HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs) will use these accounts to calculate how much tax you need to pay. Failure to file your accounts in an accurate and timely fashion can result in fines.
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Financial Accounts

As well as being compulsory for tax purposes, accurate accounts can help you to see the strengths and weaknesses of your business. They help you to see what is helping you to succeed, and what areas are losing money.

We all know the importance of keeping meticulous accounts. However, only a few companies have the time and resources to record every transaction and store every receipt, invoice and statement as well as to run the business. We can take care of your accounts, so that you can freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

At the end of year accounts, AGP Consulting can provide a range of business and strategic development services, which drill down into your accounts and can help support growth, consistently:

At the end of year accounts, AGP Consulting can provide a range of business and strategic development services, which drill down into your accounts and can help support growth, consistently:

Budget and cash flow forecasts

Credit Records                    

Customer activity

Budget comparison

Performance ratios

Profitability analysis

Monthly and quarterly management accounts

Choosing the right accountancy services that is critical for your business. To find out more about the tailored bookkeeping and accountancy services offered by AGP Consultancy, get in touch with a new contact form.

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    Professional Bookkeeping Services Near You in London and Brentford

    Are you in search of reliable and professional local bookkeepers near you? Look no further than AGP Consulting. As a highly recognised accounting firm close by, we specialise in providing top-notch bookkeeping services to both individuals and businesses. Our team of certified bookkeepers in London and Brentford are fully equipped to handle all your financial needs, from day-to-day bookkeeping to comprehensive tax preparation. With our extensive expertise, we can assure you of an accurate, efficient, and affordable service tailored to your unique requirements.

    We understand that every client has specific needs, which is why our nearby bookkeeping services offer flexibility and personalisation. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for ‘small business bookkeeping services near me’ or an individual seeking expert tax preparation nearby, AGP Consulting is ready to serve you. We pride ourselves on being more than just local financial consultants; we’re partners in your success. With AGP Consulting, you can rest assured that your finances are in the hands of professionals who truly care about your financial health and growth.

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    Expert Tax Preparation Services Near You in London and Brentford

    We are recognised as trusted tax professionals close by, providing superior tax services in London and Brentford. Our team of certified tax preparers is always prepared to navigate the complexities of tax regulations on your behalf. With our wealth of expertise, we guarantee precise, efficient, and affordable tax assistance tailored to your unique requirements.

    AGP Consulting understands that every client’s tax situation is different, which is why our nearby tax experts offer personalised solutions to suit your needs. Whether you’re an individual seeking help with tax filing or a business owner requiring comprehensive tax planning, AGP Consulting is at your service. We are more than just professional tax consultants; we are partners in your financial journey. With AGP Consulting, you can rest easy knowing your taxes are in the hands of experienced professionals who prioritise your financial well-being.

    AGP Consulting’s advisers stay ahead of changes in legislation so that they can provide you with up to the minute guidance, whenever you need it.

    How to find Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in London, Brentford and Near Me

    Are you in search of accounting and bookkeeping services in London or Brentford? Finding the right service provider can seem daunting, but with the correct approach, it can be a straightforward process. Here are some steps you can take to locate the best options near you:

    • Step 1: Use Search Engines: Your first port of call should be a reliable search engine like Google. Enter specific phrases such as ‘accounting and bookkeeping services in London’ or ‘Brentford bookkeeping services’. This will help you get a list of potential service providers in your area.
    • Step 2: Consider Online Reviews: Once you have a list of potential firms, consider customer reviews and ratings. These can provide valuable insights into the quality of service that these firms provide.
    • Step 3: Visit Their Websites: Go to the websites of the accounting firms you’re considering. Look for details about their services, qualifications, experience, and pricing. This can give you a better idea of what they offer and whether they meet your needs.
    • Step 4: Contact Them: After shortlisting your preferred firms, consider reaching out to them directly. This can be through a phone call or an email. Ask them any questions you might have and gauge their response. This will also give you an idea about their customer service.

    Remember, the key to finding the right service is understanding your personal or business needs. Whether it’s tax assistance, payroll, or comprehensive bookkeeping, each firm offers a unique set of skills and expertise. Choose the one that aligns most closely with your goals. With these steps, you will be able to find a service provider that meets your needs and helps you maintain a healthy financial status.

    Why Choose AGP?

    AGP deliver accounting services that’s tailored to your business, strengthened by digital technology, providing timely financial reporting and management information to help your business grow and achieve your strategic goals.

    An expert team of accountants works for your side as your trusted business advisors, with a breadth of knowledge, wide ranging sector experience and extensive project involvement. We have more than a hundred accountants across the UK and Bangladesh.

    Offering a professional service to organisations of all sizes

     It doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is; accounting and bookkeeping form an essential part of your business. By keeping an accurate record of your financial affairs, you can mitigate risk and ensure compliance while maintaining control over your business growth and spending. At AGP Consulting, we provide small, medium, and large businesses with professional bookkeeping and accounting services that will help them to thrive.

    Our specialist advising areas:

    Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Audit & Assurance

    Personal tax

    Corporation tax



    Corporate finance

    Asset finance

    Business and accounting technology and much more.

    Get professional advice for your team. A wide range of financial services are ready to deliver by our accounting experts.

    AGP Consulting, with our offices in Brentford and London, is poised to provide top-tier accountancy services to a diverse range of businesses across various industries. We are proud of our multi-faceted team, which includes British-born Bangladeshi Muslims, who bring an array of cultural perspectives and expertise to our practice. Whether you’re a law firm, a pharmacy, a startup, or an e-commerce platform, our team has the industry-specific knowledge to help your business succeed financially.

    Our comprehensive offerings include accounting and bookkeeping services, VAT consulting, and specialised support for contractors and freelancers. Our Muslim accountants understand the unique financial needs of businesses in our community, just as our VAT specialists and chartered accountants provide expert guidance to those navigating complex tax landscapes. From family businesses to personal trainers, freelance teachers to Bengali businesses, AGP Consulting is committed to providing culturally sensitive, professional, and effective accountancy services that drive success.

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