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The world of e-commerce is expanding, with more and more entrepreneurs seizing the opportunity to take advantage of online sales networks. With so many third-party platforms, from Facebook to Amazon, setting up an e-commerce business is a relatively simple process. However, the background work isn’t as straightforward. You might be only selling a few things from your home, but your business still counts as employment and you will, therefore, be subject to some level of taxation. The tax that you pay will depend on your turnover and size; AGP Consulting can advise you on what you need to report and pay, and when.

professional accounting services tailored to your needs.

accurate accounts aren’t just a legal requirement; they help you to assess your annual profits and gauge the stability of your business.

we offer three cloud-based solutions that will allow you us to share information and keep records efficiently.

We have been using AGP Consulting for our business since we have started almost 10 years ago. They have never failed to provide an excellent service

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With a range of platforms available, e-commerce businesses can be easy to set up, but keeping track of your transactions can be challenging. Without the right recording systems, e-commerce entrepreneurs can struggle to understand reports issued by online platforms such as Amazon, PayPal, and eBay.

These reports can be complex and finding the information that you need to understand your business can be a challenge. AGP Consulting will help you to extract the information that you need and record it in a way that is simple, accurate and meets your requirements.

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Every business is different, and it is our job to make sure that we give each individual client the right advice for their business, industry and size. When it comes to e-commerce, it pays to understand the true concept of profit. It is not enough to buy something at one price and sell it at another, undercutting the competition. In order to make sustainable profit, you need to understand the other costs that apply to your business; your time, p & p, platform fees, tax, insurance, other bills such as storage and electricity.  Our advisors can help by advising on pricing, cashflow and income projections to make your e-commerce business as profitable as possible.

Every element of your business will be considered. We will devise simple ways for you to keep accurate records and work in partnership with a specialist IT company to give e-commerce and online traders advice on their platforms and the best way to optimize sales.

E-commerce can be a lonely world; AGP Consulting can help you to feel supported and help to protect your livelihood.

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Keeping accurate records is great, but you need to make sure that you know what to do with those records when the time comes. Whether you are already selling online, setting up a new e-commerce business, or you are branching out to supply your existing, offline products or services online, it is important that you keep accurate records and file, budget for, and pay the right amount of tax, when you need to pay it. Our advisors will help you to file your returns, advise you on potential deductions, exemptions and savings that can be made both within your business model and on your tax, and make sure that you report and pay all taxes in line with legal requirements.


Once your adviser has assessed your category in the eyes of HMRC, they will be able to advise the best way for you to record your accounts in order for them to be maintained correctly throughout the year. By staying on top of your accounts all year long, you will be able to get a better picture of your financial situation and see any areas of extreme profit or loss, as well as making tax calculations simpler at year end.


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