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Our services allow you to do what you do best, focusing on running your business. We free up your valuable time by taking control of your financial processes and delivering them in a timely manner to give you peace of mind.

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At AGP Consulting, we are proud of our experience and commitment across a range of industries. With more than twenty years’ experience working with pharmaceutical clients, we are proud of the services that we provide to pharma companies of all sizes. As with every trade, the pharmaceutical one has needs and requirements that are specific to that industry; this requires experienced professionals to ensure a high standard of service.

From small, single units to large, multi-site pharmaceutical businesses, we possess in-depth understanding and knowledge of the industry and are able to provide complete accountancy and administration services to help your business to thrive.

professional accounting services tailored to your needs.

accurate accounts aren’t just a legal requirement; they help you to assess your annual profits and gauge the stability of your business.

we offer three cloud-based solutions that will allow you us to share information and keep records efficiently.


Our experience means that we are familiar with, and able to interpret, the reports that pharmacies receive from the NHS. This means that we can look beyond the net cash and extract the information that you need to manage your business effectively. From monthly account management to full accounts for pharmacies and reconciliation, our tailored services allow you to streamline your administration process and optimize profits while you focus on your core strategy.


AGP Consulting’s accountancy services will help your organization to remain compliant across the full spectrum of general and industry-specific requirements. Our accountancy services for pharmaceuticals extend beyond annual returns and tax advice; our advisors will apply their unrivalled expertise to analyze your business and activities, highlighting areas of strength and weakness to help you to optimize output and profits.

We have been using AGP Consulting for our business since we have started almost 10 years ago. They have never failed to provide an excellent service

Charline Thomas

Z News Distributions Ltd


With increasing demands on pharmacies to deliver a range of services, it can be easy to overlook tasks which may, at the time, seem less pressing than day to day running of a pharmacy or network of pharmacies. However, staying up to date with tax, annual returns and payments is critical for your business. Our consultants will help you to do this and will be able to advise on any savings that you may be able to make across your organization.


When you sell an asset, you are subject to paying tax on any profit that you may have made from the sale. If you fail to pay the right amount in a timely fashion, you could incur fines, not to mention having to repay any unpaid duty, potentially after you have reinvested the proceeds of the sale.   At AGP Consultancy, we will help you to forecast income, expenditure and tax, avoiding nasty surprises so that you can plan better for your future.


AGP Consulting applies a holistic approach to every client, regardless of size and industry. Good practice can’t just come from the outside; in order to achieve sustainable, transformative results, the good habits need to transfer to your staff, too. By taking a more hands-on approach, we improve your function and save you money in the long-term; our advisors will spend time with you and your staff, identify areas that need focus, and advise on the best approach for you to get results. By transferring these skills to your staff, our advisors will help you to achieve good working practices on an ongoing basis, helping you to achieve quality reporting, without paying additional costs.

At AGP Consulting, our niche, tailored services ensure that clients from all industries get the best possible service, leaving them to focus on their core goals. If you would like to find out more about the range of services that we provide, get in touch.


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