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If you are a freelancer, the likelihood is that you are paid a premium to provide services in an area in which you possess exceptional skill. You know that you have the expertise to do something to a high standard and your clients realise the benefits of investing in someone who specialises in a niche skill, without the costs of securing them on a permanent basis. So, as a freelancer, you understand the value of engaging a specialist to take on some services, such as your accountancy, admin and tax.

Just as other people come to you to perform at a high service, without the associated on costs, so can you come to AGP Consultancy to undertake your business admin, tax and accounts, leaving you free to focus on what you’re really good at. We provide our accountancy service for freelancers from our London and Brentford based offices and can hold regular face-to-face meetings if you are nearby or can hold online meetings.

A full spectrum of services for freelancers

We offer all services to freelance clients, including: accountancy advice, tax advice, a year round tailored approach for freelancers across industries.


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Professional Chartered Accountant for Freelancers London

Are you an independent contractor or a freelancer immersed in the vibrant gig economy of London? Perhaps you’re part of the burgeoning world of remote work, juggling various freelance projects and seeking new freelance opportunities on different freelancing platforms. If so, navigating your financial landscape can be challenging. But fear not, AGP Consulting is here to help.

At AGP Consulting, we provide exceptional services tailored for individuals like you who thrive in the freelance jobs market. We understand the unique financial challenges that come with contract work and being self-employed. Our professional Chartered Accountants are well-versed in handling the complexities of freelance services, providing valuable insights and guidance to help you optimise your financial health.

Tailored Accountancy Service for Freelance Professionals in the South-East

We recognise the flexibility of freelance work and the value it adds to the modern economy. Therefore, we offer customised services to meet your specific needs, whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the freelancer marketplaces or just starting your journey into freelance opportunities. Our team will assist you in managing your taxes, tracking your income from various sources, and planning for a secure financial future.

In essence, AGP Consulting is more than just an accounting service provider; we are your financial partners. We take pride in empowering freelancers, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your work. So why wait? Choose AGP Consulting and let us take the stress out of managing your finances while you continue to make your mark in the exciting world of freelance work.


Accountancy Service for Freelancer Workers Brentford

Do you view yourself as an independent contractor, thriving within the dynamic sphere of the gig economy? Or perhaps, you’re a self-employed professional who has embraced the flexibility of remote work, constantly seeking new freelance opportunities on various freelancing platforms. If so, managing your financial affairs can be a complex task. However, AGP Consulting is here to simplify this process for you.

AGP Consulting, based in Brentford, is equipped with a team of professional Chartered Accountants adept at addressing the financial needs of those engaged in freelance work. Our experts understand that freelance services, freelance projects, and contract work come with their unique financial challenges. We offer customised solutions to help you navigate these challenges effectively. Whether you’re finding your feet in the freelancer marketplaces or are an experienced professional handling multiple freelance jobs, we provide comprehensive accounting services tailored to your specific needs. So why not let us take care of your financial management, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – your work in the exciting world of freelancing.

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    AGP Consulting’s advisers stay ahead of changes in legislation so that they can provide you with up to the minute guidance, whenever you need it.

    How to find Accountants for Freelancers in London, Brentford and Near Me

    Are you a freelancer in London or Brentford, looking for an accountant who understands your unique needs? Finding one doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here’s a simple guide on how to find accountants for freelancers locally:

    • Step 1: Use Search Engines: Start by using a reliable search engine, like Google. Use specific search phrases related to your location and need. For example, ‘Accountants for freelancers in London’, ‘Freelancer accountants near my location’, or ‘Closest accountants for freelancers in Brentford’. These targeted searches will provide you with a list of potential accountants in your area.
    • Step 2: Check Online Reviews: Once you have a list of potential accountants, it’s essential to check their online reviews. This step allows you to gauge the quality of their services through the experiences of others in your field.
    • Step 3: Visit Their Websites: After narrowing down your options based on reviews, visit the websites of these accountants. Look for information about their services, qualifications, and experience. This will help you understand if they are well-equipped to handle the financial needs of a freelancer.
    • Step 4: Reach Out to Them: Contact your shortlisted accountants directly. You can do this via phone call or email. This step gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get a feel for their customer service.

    With these steps, finding a local accountant who understands the intricacies of freelance work becomes a straightforward process. Remember, it’s all about finding someone who can provide the right support for your financial health while you continue to excel in your freelance career.


    AGP Consulting’s tailored approach means that you can benefit from our consultants’ expertise throughout the year. No waiting until the last minute and staring despondently at a fistful of receipts; our team are on hand to offer advice and guidance on all issues, from VAT to tax allowances, setting up your business to claiming expenses, helping you to maintain your accounts as you go.


    The accountancy services that are right for a freelancer are not the same as those required by sole traders and businesses. Our skilled advisors will work with you to devise accountancy processes that work for you while enabling you to maintain compliant with government legislation.


    As a freelancer, you can deduct certain expenses associated with your work from your income, meaning that you get a greater take-home pay. However, this is balanced by the fact that you are unlikely to receive holiday, bank holiday or sick pay. While it is true that you can deduct some expenses from your income, it is important that you know what is and what isn’t deductible; incorrectly filing your tax return, even if it is an innocent mistake, could result in penalties and mean that you are under greater scrutiny in the future. AGP Consultants help freelancers with different professional backgrounds to set the right tax strategy to help manage income and profitability efficiently.


    One of the many benefits of outsourcing accounting services to AGP Consulting is that you are not just paying for one person’s services; you have access to an unrivalled wealth of knowledge across all industries. Our clients work in IT, marketing, retail, health and social care and we understand the unique nuances of each one, which enables us to provide our clients with outstanding advice and guidance to ensure that they remain compliant with the most recent legislation while saving them time and money.

    If you would like to find out more about the range of services offered to freelance clients, please get in touch.

    AGP Consulting’s advisers stay ahead of changes in legislation so that they can provide you with up to the minute guidance, whenever you need it.


    At AGP Consulting, efficiency is at the centre of everything that we do. We work hard to ensure that our clients save time and money wherever they can. And the same goes for the services that we provide. We understand that people working within the entertainment industry will typically see peaks and troughs in their engagements, with distinct busy periods and other, quieter, times. Our flexible approach means that you only pay for what you need; you benefit from our skills and experience in keeping books and preparing accounts for entertainers, without paying for services that you don’t need.

    Helping Clients in Different Industries

    AGP Consulting, with our offices in Brentford and London, is poised to provide top-tier accountancy services to a diverse range of businesses across various industries. We are proud of our multi-faceted team, which includes British-born Bangladeshi Muslims, who bring an array of cultural perspectives and expertise to our practice. Whether you’re a law firm, a pharmacy, a startup, or an e-commerce platform, our team has the industry-specific knowledge to help your business succeed financially.

    Our comprehensive offerings include accounting and bookkeeping services, VAT consulting, and specialised support for contractors and freelancers. Our Muslim accountants understand the unique financial needs of businesses in our community, just as our VAT specialists and chartered accountants provide expert guidance to those navigating complex tax landscapes. From family businesses to personal trainers, freelance teachers to Bengali businesses, AGP Consulting is committed to providing culturally sensitive, professional, and effective accountancy services that drive success.

    AGP Consulting: Empowering Freelancers with Financial Expertise

    Are you a freelancer looking to navigate the complexities of managing your own finances? Have you ever wondered who is handling the financial intricacies for successful freelancers in your field? AGP Consulting has been the trusted partner to a diverse range of freelance professionals, providing expert accounting services tailored to their unique needs. We understand the financial challenges freelancers face and offer solutions that empower them to focus on their craft while we manage their financial journey.

    Accounting for Freelance Graphic Designers and Web Developers

    In the creative world of freelance graphic design and web development, your focus is on creating visually stunning and functional designs. But behind every successful design project is a well-managed financial system. AGP Consulting provides accounting services that allow you to concentrate on your creative process. We handle your financial statements, tax planning, and bookkeeping, ensuring your finances are as streamlined as your designs.

    Web developers, too, benefit from our services. From managing project-based income to tracking software expenses, we understand the unique financial landscape of freelance web development. Our accountants provide personalised financial strategies that help you maximise your profits and minimise your tax liabilities, letting you focus on coding and client satisfaction.

    Accounting for Freelance Writers, Editors, and Marketing Consultants

    Writing and editing are crafts that require concentration, creativity, and a clear mind. AGP Consulting’s services ensure that freelance writers and editors can dedicate their time to perfecting their prose without worrying about their financial affairs. We handle everything from income tracking to tax preparation, freeing you to focus on your words.

    Similarly, freelance marketing consultants often juggle multiple clients and projects. Balancing this busy workload with your accounting can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Our experts manage your financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting, allowing you to devote your energy to developing winning marketing strategies.

    Accounting for Freelance Photographers and Social Media Managers

    As a freelance photographer, your passion is capturing the perfect shot. But managing finances can often feel like a less-than-picture-perfect task. AGP Consulting can help. Our accountants understand the specific challenges you face, such as tracking equipment expenses and managing irregular income. We offer financial solutions that let you focus on your art.

    Social media managers juggle multiple platforms and clients, a task that requires significant time and energy. With AGP Consulting handling your financial affairs, you can spend more time creating engaging content and less time worrying about bookkeeping and tax compliance.

    Accounting Services for Freelance Virtual Assistants, Translators, Tutors, and Customer Service Representatives

    Whether you’re a virtual assistant managing administrative tasks, a translator bridging language gaps, a tutor enriching minds, or a customer service representative solving problems, your freelance work is vital. But it also comes with financial responsibilities. AGP Consulting provides comprehensive accounting services tailored to your needs, so you can focus on delivering excellent service to your clients while we handle your financial management.

    No matter your freelance profession, AGP Consulting has the expertise to streamline your financial processes and boost your business success. We understand the unique challenges faced by freelancers and provide bespoke accounting solutions to meet these needs. So why not let us manage your finances while you concentrate on your freelance career?

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