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Making Tax Digital ready

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Our services allow you to do what you do best, focusing on running your business. We free up your valuable time by taking control of your financial processes and delivering them in a timely manner to give you peace of mind.

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AGP Consulting’s tailored approach means that you can benefit from our consultants’ expertise throughout the year. No waiting until the last minute and staring despondently at a fistful of receipts; our team are on hand to offer advice and guidance on all issues, from VAT to tax allowances, setting up your business to claiming expenses, helping you to maintain your accounts as you go.


If you are a freelancer, the likelihood is that you are paid a premium to provide services in an area in which you possess exceptional skill. You know that you have the expertise to do something to a high standard and your clients realize the benefits of investing in someone who specializes in a niche skill, without the costs of securing them on a permanent basis. So, as a freelancer, you understand the value of engaging a specialist to take on some services, such as your accountancy, admin and tax.

Just as other people come to you to perform at a high service, without the associated on costs, so can you come to AGP Consultancy to undertake your business admin, tax and accounts, leaving you free to focus on what you’re really good at.

A full spectrum of services for freelancers

We offer all services to freelance clients, including: accountancy advice, tax advice, a year round tailored approach for freelancers across industries.

professional accounting services tailored to your needs.

accurate accounts aren’t just a legal requirement; they help you to assess your annual profits and gauge the stability of your business.

we offer three cloud-based solutions that will allow you us to share information and keep records efficiently.


The accountancy services that are right for a freelancer are not the same as those required by sole traders and businesses. Our skilled advisors will work with you to devise accountancy processes that work for you while enabling you to maintain compliant with government legislation.


As a freelancer, you can deduct certain expenses associated with your work from your income, meaning that you get a greater take-home pay. However, this is balanced by the fact that you are unlikely to receive holiday, bank holiday or sick pay. While it is true that you can deduct some expenses from your income, it is important that you know what is and what isn’t deductible; incorrectly filing your tax return, even if it is an innocent mistake, could result in penalties and mean that you are under greater scrutiny in the future.



One of the many benefits of outsourcing services to AGP Consulting is that you are not just paying for one person’s services; you have access to an unrivalled wealth of knowledge across all industries. Our clients work in IT, marketing, retail, health and social care and we understand the unique nuances of each one, which enables us to provide our clients with outstanding advice and guidance to ensure that they remain compliant with the most recent legislation while saving them time and money.

If you would like to find out more about the range of services offered to freelance clients, please get in touch.

We have been using AGP Consulting for our business since we have started almost 10 years ago. They have never failed to provide an excellent service

Charline Thomas

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