Accurate Tax Planning mitigates risk for business and individuals

Tax is a complicated affair thus need to handle with proper strategic planning to mitigate risks for businesses and individuals. What worked for businesses and sole traders before won’t necessarily be sufficient today.

Our expertise advice on tax planning will make you more confident about your tax affairs and will find how to minimise the tax liability. We know The UK tax system is complex and subject to constant change. So we need to think not just about compliance today, but also to think about the requirements for future adjustments as well to reduce the high tax burden..


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Tax Planning Mitigates Risk

Over recent years, new legislation from HMRC means that tax guidelines are more stringent than ever, and the penalties for failing to comply can be severe. AGP Consulting’s tax specialists have deep industry knowledge of tax for corporations and sole traders, which enables them to deliver long-lasting solutions that will help you to stay compliant in an ever-changing environment.

Tax considerations are relevant at every stage and may include:

• Tax efficient distribution
of profits/ incomes
• Incorporation of a limited company or setting up a partnership
• Business growth
• Passing the business on to the next generation of family/management
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Why Choose AGP?

At AGP, we have years of experience and accumulated knowledge to help you to execute the best tax planning for your business or personal income. We make sure you get the best of your income so that you can live the life you desire.

Our expert advice could result in potentially significant improvements to your business and personal wealth.

We offer proactive tax planning strategies for many SMEs, corporates and even high net worth individuals.


There is a wide range of reliefs and provisions that are available to legitimately reduce a tax liability without straying into the rather more challenging area known as tax avoidance.

Corporate Tax Planning

Corporation tax usually represents a substantial part of trading costs. Moreover, the increased reporting obligations, robust investigation policies on the part of the tax authorities, and harsher penalties for non-compliance mean that an undue amount of your time and resources can be taken up collecting revenue for the government.

At AGP, we have a dedicated team to provide a range of services to help you minimise your corporate tax exposure and relieve you of the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation.


These include:

• Determining the most tax-effective structure for your business
• Taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs
• Achieving the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment
• Reducing tax on disposals and maximising relief on acquisitions
• Making the most of tax opportunities specific to your industry
• Meeting the rigorous demands of compliance including corporation tax self-assessment
• Acting on your behalf in discussions with the tax authorities

Personal Tax Planning

With the tax procedure becoming more complex and more emphasis being put on taxpayers’ individual responsibilities, everyone who is subject to taxation needs professional advice and support if they are to optimise their tax position and ensure they meet all compliance requirements.

Advice on minimising tax liability for all personal taxes

Our dedicated team can provide the following services:

  • Income Tax

  • Regaining Control

  • Tailored Tax Solution

Income Tax

Every pound of income tax you save means more income at your disposal, we provide well-planned income tax filing with disposal of assets, minimal loss of capital gains. We believe every inheritance tax saving means more benefit for your beneficiaries.

Regaining Control

No stress, no hassle, no risk.

  • it is easy to let your tax affairs slip out of your control,
    but it doesn’t have to stay that way
  • with ever-changing regulations, staying compliant now and
    in the future can be a challenge
  • we know that everyone is different, so our tax services are
    tailored to meet your needs

It is not unusual for organisations to lose control or take the head-in-the-sand approach. It is surprisingly easy to let your accounting and tax affairs get out of hand but regaining control can be a challenge. Whether your accounts have slipped behind schedule, you are anxious about new legislation, or you simply misunderstood what was required of you, all is not lost: we can help you to get your affairs back on track.

Our skilled tax consultants will unravel your current situation to help you to gain a better understanding of your organisational strengths and weaknesses, and where you lost control of your affairs. They will then help you to develop a strategy to ensure that you stay ahead of the game. 

Tailored Tax Solution

Whether you are a sole trader or large corporation, we offer tax consultancy services designed to optimise your business. Our tax team will assess your needs before recommending services that will boost your profits and ensure compliance across a range of legislation. 

We can recommend processes to future-proof your organisation as well as provide a full review of your business to help you identify your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Your tax landscape tells a detailed storey of your business; with our help you can understand and learn from that storey, improving scalability, stability and productivity now and in the future.

Make sure you take full advantage
of our tax planning services.

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