Payroll and RTI Submission

Any business that deals with employees will need to run a payroll and submit RTI (Real Time Information) returns to HMRC on each payday. Penalties can incurred for missing the regulations. RTI returns are payable to HMRC and any underpaid tax and NI due will also accrue interest.
  • The production of your pay slips, as weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or on an ad hoc basis
  • Submission of your RTI Returns.

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Why AGP?

We will tailor your payroll services to meet your needs. A fundamental part of seamless payroll services is outstanding communication. With AGP Consulting, you will benefit from a full team of skilled payroll professionals. Our payroll consultant will be familiar with your business. This means that you will have a wealth of expertise and resources at your fingertips throughout the year; we are just a call or email away.

Our range of services that we can provide

>Ensuring that your payroll runs without a hitch.
>Understanding your employees payroll complexities and ensuring compliance
>Outsourced payroll helps you to focus on your core business
>Instant support on your query
Increased Productivity
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Professional Payroll Services

Payroll is a complex process. You need to make sure that employees are paid the right amount and on time, while making sure that you remain compliant with current legislation. Our payroll services streamline processes for businesses of all sizes and experience.

For many organisations, core business functions are defined as creating a product or service and taking it to market. Investing in payroll is an essential business function. Delegating the payroll processing to us for your business, allows you to focus on your core services.

Failure to comply with the HMRC’s RTI (Real Time Information) reporting requirements can have severe consequences, while paying employees incorrectly or late can affect employees’ morale and productivity.



Outsourcing payroll is a simple solution to this age-old dilemma. By paying external professionals to do the job for you, you can be reassured that it is to the highest standards, without detracting from your core business functions.

Employee's Auto-Enrolment

Recruitment law can create a legal dilemma. As soon as you get to grips with the latest legislation, something new comes up that you should comply with.

In typical payroll system employees were given the choice to opt into a pension’s scheme, under the Pensions Act 2008 some employees must be automatically enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme. Auto-enrolment has implications on your organisation’s compliance and finances, but understanding your rights, your employees’ rights, exemptions and opt-out rights can be challenging.


Our payroll consultants will help you to understand the complexities of employees’ auto-enrolment, leaving you free to build your business.


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