At AGP we pride ourselves on giving a bespoke solution. An area which we have specialised in for over 20 years is pharmacies. We have seen our clients grow from single units to multi-site businesses. What makes us different from other accountants is that we have a good understanding of the various reports the pharmacies receive from the NHS.

We do not then only use the single element of this information, i.e. the Net Cash, but we look at all the components and translate that into useful management information, which we use as part of the monthly management accounts pack. We use our own templates to allow pharmacies to record their invoices, which we then use to reconcile with the supplier’s statements. This highly tailored approach helps our clients to reduce their admin time.

We have a very flexible, hands-on approach to our clients’ issues. We normally spend time with our clients initially, showing them how to keep better records. We then take a step back and allow them to do it themselves. This gives a two-fold benefit, allowing us to keep our fees down while still being able to provide quality reporting to them.

We mix our approach with on-site and remote assistance, and we often tailor our timings to meet the needs of busy owner pharmacists.

We are therefore also well placed to assist locum pharmacists after pre-reg to take their first step on this career path.

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