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We have always held the belief that business is done between people and not organisations.

The first thing we look at when we initially meet our clients is not whether we can make money from them or for them, but whether do we actually, as people, get on. Once that is in place, everything else slots in.

Having been through the mill at larger firms we are very much aware of the time pressures on a job and often where there is a difference in the figures, there is a temptation to count it as immaterial. However, a simple thing like a £100 error, extrapolated over a period of time, can pay for the summer holiday and that is because we see people and not just numbers and we try to go the extra mile.

Owner managers have a lot of demands on their time and we offer a flexible approach to timings. They are not always the best staffed and often the accounts role is done by a family member who has been given the role but lacks the knowledge. Some people even in this day just prefer paper; others hate the touch of it. We tailor our solutions to match the client. We are not forceful on the approach but if we can see the client is apprehensive, we work towards a staged solution, with lots of hand holding, making the transition as seamless as possible.

A lot of smaller clients cannot afford a full time qualified accountant. With this in mind, we offer many of our clients a retainer arrangement whereby we are available at the end of the phone and can offer remote support. Alternatively, we can come in regularly to assist with recurrent tasks which need a higher-level review, be it strategy, setting up and reviewing systems, or preparing routine management reporting packs. The pricing is set so it is a win-win for both sides.

This allows us to offer a more meticulous and tailored approach and we have seen this bring in savings on a regular basis, not high-level tax savings but simply operational matters, which most accountants do not even focus on as part of the annual accounts.

We watch our clients grow and are there to support them all the way, through funding and acquisitions to eventual sale.

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