IT Partners

We have partnered up with an IT solutions provider who are very dynamic and practical. They provide small firms, such as ourselves, with access to the latest innovative technologies which apply to both accounting solutions as well as to the day-to-day IT requirements.

With their help, we can look at extending our services from simple IT support for basic software programs to actual front-end solutions. In addition, we can also provide hardware solutions for servers through to mini PCs, where laptops may not be appropriate.

The types of solutions they have worked on include a Payment Gateway solution, a remittance software, and AML and sanctions screening, amongst other products for banks: route tracking and mapping, as well as other larger solutions for a logistics company, and a solution to provide document scanning and management, with bespoke integration into accounting packages. These are just to name a few but with their help, we can provide the skill sets normally found within larger technology companies.

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