E-commerce and online trading

The number of new entrepreneurs who have the idea to start selling online is increasing every day. Many embark on this journey often without the correct tools and find themselves having to sift through data from PayPal, Ebay and Amazon, without having a clue as to how to decipher the reports.

At AGP, we will sit and go through these reports with our clients to help them understand all the numbers. We will then automate this process using spreadsheets, which can be tweaked for your requirement without needing a high level of computer programming knowledge.

We are there to be their port of call, even on mundane things such as pricing. We have helped clients who use the internet for selling goods and services, taking into account variables such as PayPal and Ebay fees, cross border transactions and many other complications.

We take the time to sit down and understand the processes and the pricing. There have been times when a client has been ready to sell at a given price to ensure he was competitive and we have pointed out the further costs that need to be taken into consideration to avoid being a loss maker.

Once the basics are in place the rest of the reporting becomes easy and then we can go ahead and plan for taxes etc.

We also partner with an IT company which have a great deal of expertise in online platforms and solutions, and through collaboration we are able to offer free consultations or even a retainer arrangement to offer technical support.

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