What makes us different

Our mantra is “real accountants for real businesses”.

  • Our services allow our clients to focus on running their business first and foremost
  • We work as a team and everyone is involved with most of the client base in differing capacities
  • We provide valuable business advice, so our clients can make decisions that will enable them to run their company effectively and efficiently
  • All our clients are important, no matter how large or small their business may be

Trust – it takes years to build up trust; however, it only takes a few seconds to lose it. Our clients trust us as we are there to help them during the most critical times. We can help them resolve problems by thinking outside the box.

We listen to you. We support you always, not just in the short term. We aim to work together to meet your timing requirements. We look for innovative solutions. We communicate politely and in plain English. Ultimately, we are flexible to your needs.

We are always trying to enhance clients’ time through streamlining processes, whether that is on a simple spreadsheet or on any of the common accounts packages. This is further reinforced by partnering with an IT Company which allows them to assist in various aspects of automation of business processes and e-commerce.

Where we do not have the answers, we will refer our client to our specialist circle of professional contacts and will continue assisting in the background.

We treat all our clients as an intertwined network and are always looking for opportunities to put them together if there are cross selling opportunities.

Above all, we put you first: we get to know you, so we know what makes you tick. We work in partnership with you as your lead professional advisor.. We take away the financial and regulatory day-to-day burdens of running a business. We let you focus on what you are passionate about and help you to make a success of your business.

We have established a niche in offering our services to Bangladeshi companies, whereby we assist in various accounting, legal and regulatory matters in the UK on their behalf, working with their teams in the UK but ultimately working in the best interests of the owners in Bangladesh. Often, we are more aware of the nuances of UK business culture, and that allows us to work well with seconded staff.

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